Elegant design,Beautiful gentle touch,Let me-Shear comfortably、The nature,Yesterday's infinite glory,Tomorrow's brilliant again。Deduce today's classical fashion in your home。
Noble and elegant pattems, soft and marvelous feeling. makes all so comfortable and natural. The ultimate honors of yesterday and the bnlliance of tomorrow.combine to represent today's Classical fashion in your house.

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        Times better new doors and Windows system is a collection of aluminum alloy decoration door development、Production、Sales for the integration of comprehensive machine enterprise。Has a group of strong production and technical personnel and strong comprehensive development capability.Good times new doors and Windows system is mainly the production of various kinds of high-grade aluminum alloy doors/Casement Windows/Wardrobe door/Art door series, etc.Companies strictly enforceIS09001-2000International standard through every link.Products adopt international advanced coating technology and a full set of imported equipment in Germany,Ensure that the product has the environmental protection、And durable、Moisture proof、Corrosion resistance、Do not fade、Sound insulation good characteristics。The first-class surface treatment、Advanced equipment、The original design、Delicate process、Knot gleaming glass process,Regardless of the style、Are excellent both performance and quality,Durability of the unique advantages in the modern home outfit is in the real green environmental protection product.
       New doors and Windows system to better times“Progress is the only thing,Never stop”For the purpose of the company,To follow“Scientific management、Quality first、High-quality service、…

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Heat insulation performance

Heat insulation Performance

Using the three cavity structure independent equilibrium and isothermal design,Make sure the whole window system has excellent thermal insulation performance,General house55%The heat loss through doors and Windows,One of them32%From the heat conduction。BoerdickWindow of door of door and window heat loss only commonly1/3,Can save a year on average15-20%Air conditioning costs

Sound insulation performance

Sound Insulation

Various series of products by configuring different specifications of the hollow glass,Effective isolation from the outside noise,To create a more quiet and comfortable living environment for you

Airtight performance

Airtight Performance

Based on Germany imported as raw material to produce the reducibility of excellent particlesEPDMEpdm rubber strip,To the outside world completely isolated from the indoor air,That gas contamination、Hot and cold air cannot enter,Keep the indoor environment is comfortable and clean

Watertight performance


On the principle of constant pressure,Combined with rational cavity drainage and drainage channel design,Make the cavity between the window frame and window sash outside air pressure and air pressure balance。Effectively prevent the rain from outside through window of door of door and window spitting or infiltration inside,They did not protect the interior

Wind resistance

Wing Resistance Performance

High quality aluminum alloy materials and special section design,Combined with aluminum alloy and heat insulation article close firmly,Can effectively resist wind pressure。Using strengthen in quite large window type,Assurance and beautiful at the same time ensure that the wind pressure resistance of the whole window

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