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Factory products sell like hot cakes
GSZ130Bolt grouting machine(1.5m3/h Not at all
GS150MSIrrigation(Note)Slurry pump Stirring mill type
GS20ECIrrigation(Note)Slurry pump(2.5m3/h
GS400MSIrrigation(Note)Slurry pump(4m3/h)
GS20EIrrigation(Note)Slurry pump(3.5m3/h
GS30EBIrrigation(Note)Slurry pump(3.5m3/h
GS30EIrrigation(Note)Slurry pump(4m3/h Not at all
GS40EBIrrigation(Note)Slurry pump(5m3/h Belt
GS40EIrrigation(Note)Slurry pump(5m3/h Not at all
GS50EBGrouting pump(6m3/h With stirring)|
GS50EIrrigation(Note)Slurry pump(7m3/h Not at all
GS80EIrrigation(Note)Slurry pump Slurry pump(8m
GS150DDouble fluid filling(Note)Slurry pump Small
GS03DDouble liquid grouting pump small double liquid grouting
PCThe filling machine Steel sleeve milking machine Grouting
GSL100Irrigation(Note)Slurry pump Waterproof mending
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     成都申港工程机械有限公司成立于2002Years,Is new type of high and new technology enterprise in sichuan province,With more than5000Square meters plant and a strong r&d team、The factory has many years of skilled artisans,Professional and business quality first-class sales team support and after-sales service team,Perennial technology exchange with many domestic universities and scientific research cooperation research。Company's core products are mainly focused on research and development、Different discharge in the production and sales、Different pressure of the screwGSSeries of cement(The sand)Plasma of waterproof plugging grouting machine、Prefabricated buildingsPCThe filling machine、Double fluid grouting pump、The chemical grouting machine、Screw mortar grouting pump、Anchor grouting pump、Cement grouting machine、Fine stone mortar pump、Stir the infusion pump、Large aggregate diameter grouting pump、Second post pump、Mortar spraying machine、High pressure jet concrete and other professional development and production of the product、Sales and technical services of high-tech enterprises,For the road、Railway、Water conservancy and hydropower construction、Mine、The tunnel、High-speed rail、Urban subway、The slope、Geological disasters、Real estate construction and other infrastructure construction and underground engineering...[In more detail]
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The name:成都申港工程机械有限公司
Contacts:Kelvin zhou
A mobile phone:13637822889
Address:Chengdu, jinjiang district, west road by day17Number1Building3Unit16Layer1605Number
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